Fresh start

So I had a domain, some time back, and got over the site’s name and let it expire. I then made a big move (family of 6, moving  35 minutes closer to civilization) and decided that it would be better to start fresh, re-add my recipes, crafting hoopla, and the other noteworthy posts. Having done paid blogging formerly, my old site’s blog became quickly cluttered with junk and I’d much like to do away with that. I will likely from time to time post free reviews and if anyone desires to compensate me then they may surely do so.

I’m starting before the new year so that I can plump up my blog contents a bit before I transfer everything to my new domain.

I have found that I can’t live without blogging (what can I say? hehe) and since I’m so awful at updating my children’s many baby books at least I will have the accurate information when I find the time to finally do so one day!

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