The holidays again

I love this time of the year. The planning, baking and cooking and seeing your kids experience the joy and magic of the holiday season. I've been busy today beginning my decorating for the holidays. I wish I had my camera, it's at the farm. =(

A, our sweet girl, just turned 10 months November 22nd. She's been crawling for a little over a month and loves to stand ALL the time. She has started letting go of things and tried just this morning to take a step on her own, but it was wobbly and she plopped down on the floor almost immediately, quite angry with herself. A's quite the chatterbox as well! She also has a goofy sense of humor, so she fits right in to this family.

Because she's getting everything now, I'm waiting until about two weeks before Christmas to put the tree up. Fighting a baby to leave a Christmas tree alone is no fun, so I'm making especially sure that I don't have to endure The Fight for very long!

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