..  is my husband's middle name! He's supposed to be getting me a USB cord so I can take about a million photos off my camera. I've been working on getting a knit order out the door- but I need a clear memory card to be able to take new photos and I need a pic of these longies about to go out. Grr.

I still have Halloween pictures of the family to upload! I'm just lagging behind this holiday season, too.

As for gifts this year, I'm not making a thing. Well, I'll make some ornaments and hairbows (for gifts) but nothing besides my cooking/baking. This is very unusual for me since I tend to make most of my kids' gifts every year (or make things for others to trade for what I want). As a result I still haven't a THING yet for the kids this year. At least it will be a simple thing to please them! I am just not looking forward to battling people in the stores because I'll likely wait until the last possible minute. I swear holiday shopping is like a little visit in Hell.. unless it's done online. I WILL be doing it all online again next year! πŸ˜‰

Very warm here today- unseasonably so: it's supposed to get into the mid-70s!

I'm kind of freaking out. Next month my sweet baby girl A will be A YEAR! It feels like she was just born. Miss A is already very close to walking. She just cut her 6th tooth and is steadily working on popping out more. She also LOVES food and eating. I think she's going to be a foodie like her momma. A has the sweetest, most loving personality with her loved ones.. but if she doesn't know you she'll smack you silly! I adore her (as does everyone else) and I feel like she completes our clan.

(Please excuse the random jumbo this entry consists of.)

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