11 days and counting

I am exhausted! I’m getting over a stomach bug. It seems like since I got anemia this time last year (when I was pregnant with A) I’ve been sick a LOT. At least more than I have in the seven plus years I’ve lived here. (I used to be constantly sick when I lived In Minnesota, TOO DAMN COLD, LOL.) Sure doesn’t help that I still have anemia, I guess.

I’m thinking about knitting a few things last minute for some of the kids’ gifts. Probably some hats and perhaps some ornaments or other holiday decor. Lord only knows I have enough yarn to plenish a small continent! πŸ˜‰9-thru-11-2009 429 by you.

9-thru-11-2009 430 by you.

A’s up to EIGHT teeth now! She’s standing unassisted a lot more, too. Won’t be long now until she walks! The rest of the kids are also doing really well. N’s about to lose one of his top front teeth. That’ll put the tally up to three. I could swear I lost more by his age, but then again I always fussed over my loose teeth and wiggled them until I could yank ’em out. E is such a sweet girl, she attended a birthday party for a classmate (a first for her) on Saturday and now she wants to start planning her 6th birthday party. (Her birthday isn’t until May first, but I don’t have the heart to tell her to be patient.) D is definitely in the “terrible 3s” and is finding his independance. He’s so funny, he’s without a doubt inherited mine and K’s overactive imaginations! Now that we have internet again I have to battle with N and E over the computer, but it keeps them busy (and out of trouble!) while I get things accomplished. They have another week of school and then a few days the week of Christmas before they’re out for winter break. Then it will be time for finding things for them to do. I figure we’ll make cookies and fudge, work on crafts, and I’ll let them play with their little friends to keep them busy. I’m hoping we won’t have a repeat of last Christmas when basically the whole fam came down with the Mucus of Death. That’s it for recent updates on the A-Team, they’re all thriving beautifully.

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