Oh my gawsh

Okay, so is it just me or is this year ALREADY flying by? March is just about here folks!! I’ve been in Spring Cleaning mode as well as spending some time being the Craft Queen lately. Lots of fun projects going on right now:

-Knitting a hooded cardi for E.

-Yarn balls. Been winding lots of hanks of gorgeous WAHM hand-dyed goodness for queued projects.

-Planning and plotting Easter basket goodies. I made NOTHING this last Christmas and felt weird so I     have some time to make up for, lol.

-Hairbows! Been making lots of them lately.

-Preliminary planning for E’s 6th birthday party: K says there’s a place that will pick the girls up in a     PINK LIMO for spa/makeover fun… leaning towards that idea!

With March, then Easter right around the corner I think E’s birthday will come quicker than I expect. My sweet little baby is becoming a helpful, fashion-conscious, prissy, thoughtful young girl. She told me the other day she won’t marry a boy unless the diamond in her ring is “ginourmous.” LOL, such a smart girl- I’ve taught her well! ;D

02182010 044 by you.

Little Miss A began taking steps without cruising on February 12th. She can get about 6 or so in now until she loses balance and topples to the floor like a cute little Weeble. A’s also climbing to the top of the stairs! Baby gate time!

The boys are also doing great. N excels in mathematics and reminds me SO MUCH of his Uncle Josh. They both are of the sort to do math for FUN. (Yeah, totally beyond me, lol!) D is another smart little cookie. I should say BIG cookie. Everyone is always in such disbelief when we tell them he’s only 3. His vocabulary is astounding, he can already read a little and he carries a bit of “old man” matureness that makes one aware that he’s an “old soul.”

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