I’ve been a little busy!


If you know me, you know that the last few years of my life has been filled with sketching, editing, and creating knitting and crochet patterns. Now is the time to let it all out! This year I am putting all my patterns together in various e books and booklets and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here is more info on the books along with what patterns they contain and projected release dates:

late April/May:: Cloth Baby Layette: (Knit)
– Sweet Babies: longies/shorties/skirties/bloomers
– Sleepsack
– Baby Gnome Hat
– True Newborn Hat
– Baby Warmshanks (legwarmers)

May:: Fall Foods: (Amigurumi crochet)
– Cocoa/Tea/Coffee
– Apple
– Pumpkin
– Indian Corn
– Pumpkin Pie

May/June:: Sushi Roll Madness (booklet): (Amigurumi crochet)
– 6 flavors of sushi rolls
– matcha

August:: Doll Baby: (Knit)
– Pinnae Doll Dress
– Pinnae Doll Cardi
– Doll Snuggler (romper)
– Doll Bloomers
– Doll Gnome Hat

October:: The Cake Book: (Amigurumi crochet)
– Tea Party Cupcakes
– Easter Cake
– Holly Day Cake
– Lemon Raspberry Cake
– Tea Cakes (mini cakes)
– Birthday Cake (colorful sheet cake)

Early 2012:: Decadent Desserts: (Amigurumi crochet)
– Lemon Pie and Coffee
– Fruit Pie
– Cheesecake
– Ice Cream Cones
– Chocolate Chip/Raisin Cookies
– Frosted Sugar Cookies

Watch for my patterns in a few weeks at Pulling At Strings, Ravelry, then later at Etsy, and Hyenacart!

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