Cloth Baby Layette

For those of you waiting to buy the Cloth Baby Layette e book, I am SO excited to announce that I have good news- no GREAT news! By overwhelming inquiry and demand, I have finished the book and it’s in the final testing stages. I have two more testers being knit (in sizes already tested), but I am going to go ahead and release the e book in full on Ravelry TOMORROW! Be sure to get your copy, it’ll be live at 8 am EST!

Now because this is basically a beta release (since I still have more testers being knit) there may be revisions, so please be on the look out here on the blog and on the Cloth Baby Layette pattern section on Ravlery. I will however note that these patterns have been tested, and tested and tested again so I don’t foresee much in the way of revisions going on. On April 30, when the final testers should be completed I will take the book out of beta and it will become available at Pulling At Strings and Hyenacart.

Cloth Baby Layette is a collection of five simple, vintage inspired knitting patterns for cloth diapered babies in a 22 page, professional, color-coded and easy to read layout. Full of high, print quality images. Using cloth diapers it can be hard to find patterns with the right fit over a bulky cloth diaper.100% wool yarns make the best waterproofing in a cover, or you can knit snuggly cotton blend Sleepsacks or Sweet Babies items for babies who don’t use cloth diapers.

For over five years I’ve knit from these patterns and amended them until I felt they were ready to share with the knitting world. Most of the patterns found in this book are easy enough for beginning knitters, while at the same time provide enough options to make the knits interesting for more experienced knitters.

Patterns in this book:

  • Sweet Babies is my long tested, original drawstring-less longies pattern with a plethora of options. You can make shorts or longer boardshorts or “mapris” and capris, bloomers, and skirted longies. You can choose from a wide array of different cuffs and even taper the legs for a “skinny” fit perfect for the snowy season where snow boots are a necessity. The grow with your child fit assures that your hard work will be utilized for more than one season.
  • Sleepsacks are a great way to keep a newborn’s legs and feet toasty warm, while making diaper changing a breeze, and they are especially convenient for night time changes.
  • Baby Warmshanks are delightful little legwarmers. To keep those sweet baby legs warm and give a bit of protection for crawlers and early walkers on hard surfaces.
  • True Newborn Hats were created when I couldn’t find any baby hats smaller than 3 months in any of my pattern book. I tend to have pretty small newborns since my babies never wanted to be full term and hats were always sliding around and slipping off their bitty apple heads.
  • Baby Gnome Hats are darling little faux-cabled yarn confections that set off newborn portraits perfectly. A bit of whimsy is a necessity to any baby’s layette! Quick and fun to knit, they make the perfect unique shower gift.

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