His Royal Majesty’s Soap Satchel

This is a super simple and easy knitting pattern that you can make with either wool or cotton yarn. Depends on if you want felting going on or not, if you don’t want it to felt then use cotton or superwash wool. My husband demanded an impromptu soap sack for his handmade bar of soap. He told me after much initial confusion over knitting terms exactly how he wanted the stitch pattern to present (MANLY) and I whipped up this puppy in about an hour of knitting.

You’ll need:

  • Size 5 DPNs
  • About an ounce of wool or cotton yarn
  • Size G crochet hook
  • Yarn/darning needle

Cast On 40 stitches and Knit one round while YO, K2tog every other stitch (for the drawstring- you will end up with 40 stitches) and continue to knit in K2, P2 rib for 6 rounds.

Alternate rib to P2, K2 for 6 rounds and alternate in this manner continuously until the soap sack measures about 4.5 inches or so (grab your bar of soap for a good indication, you’ll want it about an inch longer than the actual soap) then graft the end seam using kicthener graft. Lastly, weave the ends in and crochet a chain for drawstring (i-cord seems too thick) and voilΓ ! You have a soapsack!

*Note- You are allowed to make items from my patterns for non-profit or charity use ONLY. Contact me for licensing if you’d like to sell products from my patterns.*

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