Long time, no see!

So, holy cow, it’s been awhile huh? I have lots of new things to announce! Things got real quiet around here for awhile as we moved in November. The Snugglesack released in October, and I’ve already added lots of additions like a hood, car seat access (bunting style), button flap gown hem, buttonhole flaps, and button-on scratch mitts! I’ve even included the scratch mitts pattern. 🙂 My area over @ Pulling at Strings will be expanding soon, Jenn is now up to date on all my patterns and working on getting them all listed.

And for MORE pattern release news, the Avalon Dress is *finally* in testing stages and is set to release June 15th.
The long-awaited Sweet Babies addendum is next on my list, due to re-release July 15th. Lots of new features will be included and I’m planning on adding a short rows tutorial as well as more instructional photos.
Lastly, the original full button-crotch knitted romper, my Snuggler romper pattern should be drafted and in testing here by late summer for *hopefully* an early October BABYMOON stocking on KnitKnot’s HC. (Yep, you read that right!!)

Turns out, Kenan and I are expecting our fifth baby together. He/she is due December 2nd, but I don’t expect to go much longer than 38 weeks. So an 11-11 BB! I have loads of knitting to do for the baby, as we sold most all our baby things. Let’s suffice to say BB is hugely inspirational, pushing me to plan all sorts of fun design prototypes and draw tons of sketches. 😀
After Babymoon, in early 2012, KnitKnots will be hoppin’ with more yummy yarn (MORE? I’ll elaborate in a sec!) and FRESH designs that will no longer have previews! I’m confident enough now with the design process that I can forgo the testing phase (unless, of course in special circumstances- in which only close friends will be invited to test by me and allowed to see full preview) so I hope you can be patient my friends, as I may have to knit numerous prototypes. I hope to see more exciting releases by doing this as well as protecting KnitKnots’ livelyhood. I can give hints though! I’m hoping to publish a princely boys’ sweater, a nature-inspired baby cardi, a very ‘wise’ tunic-style top, and a delightfully retro-style dress!

Now about the yarn. This year, ending with the Babymoon stocking, I’m hoping to have a FULL spectrum of delightful and quirky semi solids available for preorder! Of course, I may have some extra skeins laying about that I may list for immediate sale from time to time. There will be bold and timeless new colorways available for immediate sale at KnitKnots’ four themed stockings for the year:
-On June 15th, to celebrate the release of the Avalon Dress, I’ll be listing 6 debuting semi solids, available on preorder.
-On July 15th, 3 new colorways and 5 semi solids will debut as well as the re-release of the Sweet Babies Longies pattern in honor of Baby V(5).
-On August 15th, 4 colorways and 4 semi solids will debut.
-Aaaand in early October, 3 colorways, 4 semi solids and the Snuggler romper pattern will debut!
Next year I will be rounding out KnitKnots Tone-on-Tone Semi Solids spectrum for an even wider array of choices and as always creating unforgettable colorways.

Welp, that’s the rundown! Happy Yarning!

3 thoughts on “Long time, no see!

  1. WTG Niki!!!! So awesome to see you back at it again!! Love the new Snugglesack pattern and am so looking forward to all the releases coming up this summer!!!

    Congrats on your new bean, mine will be a month behind you!!!

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