Colorful fingers

Well hello! Been pretty busy around here lately! I have loads of colorful yarns and fibers laying around the house… A pile waiting for reskeining… A batch hanging to dry on my front porch… A few braids of fiber strewn over my yarn basket waiting for pictures… You get the idea I’m sure!

I may hold off on the Sweet Babies update but not for long. I am going to ‘attempt’ to make video tutorials of my short row and kitchener techniques instead of photo tutorials. I always love a good video tutorial myself. πŸ™‚

I will be stocking loads of dyed deliciousness soon, and hope to do so in a few weeks as planned but I am waiting on something special for my labels then they too will be handcrafted perfection! Can you tell I’m a bit excited? The good news is that the longer the wait- the bigger this stocking will be! I have POUNDS of yarn SCREAMING for me to color them and do it NOW! ;D

In knitting news… I’ve been working on a lovely Honeysuckle Dress, a test knit for Evie Pants Wool & Designs.
I’m knitting it with Madelinetosh in Malechite with some of my undyed superwash and it looks DELICIOUS! Can’t wait to show it off to you!
The WAHM/Seller version of the Avalon Dress is now available on KnitKnots HC. You can also find the Knitter’s version at Pulling at Strings.

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