Summer 2011 Colorways (part 1)

Are you ready for a fiber overload? I have lots of yarn ready to go! Our Summer Celebration stocking is on July 11th and I have previews up for some of our summer colors! This post will introduce you to our latest dyed offerings…


Hydrangea is sweet and feminine without being over the top girly. Elegant enough for a lady and blue enough tomboy. My in-laws hydrangea bush was the inspiration for this colorway. They have the most gorgeous flower bunches in multiple colors of pink, violet and blue.

Colors used are deep green, pink, violet, lavender, light and deeper blue with bits of natural.

Gator Babe

Gator Babe is a colorway featuring warm deep brown, sky blue, natural and a slight blueish green. This colorway was designed to match a Gymboree line because I wanted my baby to be stylin’!

Port City Nights

Port City Nights is a vivid and unusual rainbow colorway. It is completely gender neutral and totally scrumptious! This colorway is the first of many to represent how my local scenery appears to me.

Colors include deep red, orange, yellow, green, chartreuse, navy and gun metal grey.


Bean is a colorway featuring pink, sky blue, pale yellow, peach, apple green, violet and hints of white. (Yarn may not have as much white as the fiber.) My seven year old daughter Ella’s nickname is Bean. This colorway is named for her since she designed it herself!

The Blues

The Blues is exactly how it sounds- bluesy! Inspired by my love for all things jazz and blues. I have begun a new technique of speckle dyeing over semi solids and I just LOVE the results!

Speckle dyed blues of all hues- from palest blue to sea blue to navy to gun metal- on a light blue semi solid base.

Sparkle, Cupcake!

Sparkle, Cupcake is super duper sugary sweet and was designed with a white cake/pink frosting cupcake with SPRINKLES! Satisfy your yarny sweet tooth working up this pink semi solid speckle dyed with bits of natural, green, blue, pink, teal, violet and yellow.

I’m also introducing many new semi solids in the Summer Celebration stocking and will make a post featuring them soon. Oh and a little secret- there are MORE Summer 2011 colorways and semis in the works that will debut very soon!

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