Summer 2011 Colorways & Semi Solids (part 2)

New semis and colorways are ready to go live for our Farmer’s Market stocking tomorrow at 2pm EST. Here’s a little rundown on what you’ll find new @ KK…


Lemon-Lime-Aid is a crisp, fun favorite of mine. A bit tangy, this colorway reflects hues of bright to paler sunshine yellow, deep to lime green and bits of white throughout.

Melon Patch

Melon Patch is a scrumptious colorway featuring the melon-y hues of melon pink, peach, leaf green, browns: deep to khaki.

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is a soft tan to medium brown, speckle dyed in hues of peach and sunshine yellow with hints of buttercream.

And the semis…


Sugar has a smooth buttercream base with speckles of tan, light brown, peach and sunshine yellow. Loaded with color variation.


Peaches is a lovely peach toned yarn with melon pink hues, slight color variation.

Well, that’s it for our Summer 2011 releases. Next up with be our Fall 2011 semis and colorways, which will begin to stock in September. Happy Knitting!

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