Sweet Babies Updated


I have greatly enhanced the pattern to include:

  • better graft instructions, better links and tutorials
  • better layout (numbered pages and new branding)
  • general pattern cleanup (Sweet Babies is one of the first patterns I ever wrote up!)
  • 6 different nature inspired cables found in my various designs and how to place them; per size
  • how to add feet to the 2 smaller sizes (NB/SM)
  • how to add a button down tab for newborns
  • more pictures! πŸ™‚

The 6 cables are-

  1. The Twist
  2. The Braid
  3. The Owl
  4. The Wheatear
  5. The Antler
  6. The Air

I’m SO excited to see what everyone comes up with!

KnitKnots also has new branding with catchy little bird mascots; Chubby the crow and Moony the Moon Phoenix! The blog has been made over and there is now a testing forum!

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