On the needles

I finished a test knit last week of Monika Sirna‘s Cabernet shrug design. She plans to rename it but no idea what the new name will be yet. 🙂

I have quite a lot I need to have finished this week! Back to school rush gets me every time. This week my goals are to have: Roseberry test knit which I am 75% done now (or Cabernet shrug for me, waiting on how I should order them!), Sea Siren tank (45% done) for Ella and I have about 15% more to get into on the Lemonade Stand top to help give the designer measurements. SO. A lot. 🙂

I have two more new tests I asked to take part in before I cut myself off of test knitting for others for the rest of the year (there are always exceptions from time to time if I can gift an item) but I normally make a sizeable list and plow through 80% of it. Which seems pretty good to me because I have TOO MANY KIDS. Anyway, those tests are the Kapuzin hoodie and Brook. I started the hood of the Kapuzin and after a tricky start, put the middle bit of hood on a DPN (the rest of the sts were on circular needles) since my long size 6’s are currently sitting in a sweater. It split it up nicely and I was able to maneuver it better the farther I knit. Today’s goal is to finish the hood.

I’m not sure on the yarn I want to use for Brook. I have some pastels and a bit of grey sport yarn that will work as the accent color. If I make Alma a tee, I shouldn’t need much. I will start it late next week possibly.

In KnitKnots design news I have enough testers for Sea Siren to publish if all goes well on the planned date of August 20th! Eowyn is FULL and now seems to be going smoothly. I have a new sketch of the Blue Fairy shawl that I think better represents the actual design:

Testing for it is still open and I will take TWO more testers, I am really pleased with how quickly my test spots have been filling up, and for that I thank you! Upcoming tests for September include Rue, Henry, Lyra, a fun skirt pattern as well as a secret surprise! If these interest you, please join the Ravelry group or the test forum to express interest.


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