I’m an engaged momma of a million from 21 to 4 years old plus a sweet and witty stepson, in an absolutely amazing relationship with a 2x combat veteran I’ve known over half of my life. ❤

My ex husband ended up abandoning our kids and I’ve been busting my ass at being a single mom of so many, but we’ve adapted for the better and very quickly! We’ve made a move halfway across the country but it was the best thing I could have chosen for us. My newfound independence has been a joy and I’ve begun some other passions: home renovation and small farming! In October of 2013 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and two types of post traumatic disorders, which I work my chores, work, projects and hobbies around. In December of 2014 I began having seizures and was diagnosed with PNES, which is basically stress-induced seizures that can’t be medicinally controlled. In 2015 my spinal issues have begun to majorly affect me; especially having fibro. My 2015 holidays were graced with the diagnosis of Raynauld’s Disease. RD affects the hands, cold temps can be dangerous and quickly lead to frostbite, any cut or injury could easily become gangrenous… So my last few years have been quite eventful! My guy is wonderful with my ill-health and kids and has really stepped up even though they aren’t his biologically- yet that only makes me love him all the more! Where I’m a Jill-Of-All-Trades, he compliments me well by being a very motivated ‘Jack’.

I eat, drink, sleep, & pee yarn. No, really.

I taught myself to knit out of necessity. I’m a big D.I.Y.er, I have taught myself many other crafts like card-making, soap-making, oil painting, crochet (well, I learned a bit of that from my great-grandmother and mother starting around four), woodworking.. You name it, I’ve probably dabbled. I’m a “Jill-Of-All-Trades,” so to speak. It’s really more of a survivalist thing.. & I am terribly thrifty.

I’ve always loved fibers, whether it be fabrics, yarns.. paper, uh- you name it. I also enjoy reading, baking, organizing, singing and writing.

Be sure to check out my pattern designs!
I began designing clothing when I was a little girl. As I grew, I sewed my dolls little outfits (mostly by hand) or crocheted them and I loved to take photos of my toys all ‘dolled up.’
As my knitting talents grew, I began to understand how simple it really is to design my own knitwear and how much I LOVED to see others knitting gorgeous projects from my designs. Throughout my childhood and even today, you will often see me sketching one idea or another into my notebook, at least when I don’t have the needles in my hands!


Elinor aka ‘Niki’



Email : SavageRedhead @ iCloud.com


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