Ah, life!

When I was newly married and my now 13 year old son was new, I began to blog. I had numerous pages and a few domains- the longest-running being sh0tgun.net. It was a family, craft, cooking blog that eventually gained a decent Google ranking and sponsorship. I blogged for about ten years, give or take and taught myself graphic and web design as well.

I blogged about my kids, gardens, free little patterns (I wrote up a TON of crochet play food), home tips, making soap, my pets, recipes complete with food porn, fiber crafts, holiday traditions we celebrated, pretty landscapes of the south-eastern North Carolina low country- I blogged about damn-near EVERYthing. You know what? I miss it. I miss those days of going back to a certain date on the blog calendar and reminiscing about how tiny the kids were as babies or how cute their rooms were decorated.

I think I fell out of the blogging scene in 2009 when I let my domain and hosting expire. So much has happened in my life since then, as I’m sure most everyone else! I’m such a simple minimalist now that I even make myself crazy. I just find that having so many people = loads of clutter and it just doesn’t help to keep the house tidy. Granted, we are remodeling and are about to undertake some HUGE projects, but the fact is we haven’t lived here with Tim but a year. Moving in with a former bachelor was work with bringing in six people into his home, but now we’re at the point where things have been planned, funds are available, and it will be time to get down to what we have planned for our home this year. There is SO MUCH! One post I’ll list it all, it’ll make your head spin but it involves home, gardens, and outdoor buildings.

imageI reckon now would be the time to mention that since my first marriage ended (August 2013) and I subsequently moved to central Minnesota I have found out a lot about my failing health and why things for so bad for me those last years in North Carolina. I have fibromyalgia, PNES; a stress-induced seizure disorder that can’t be medicinally controlled brought on by TWO types of trauma disorders- PTSD and complex-PTSD, Reynaulds Disease- where I have to be cautious how cold my hands get as they are highly prone to frostbite as well as any injuries as gangrene is another worry as well. I hate RD because my hands are my livelihood and being prone to anxiety, I make sure I avoid the cold and I ask for help oftimes if I need it using a knife since I tend towards being clumsy with them.

I work my hobbies, chores, work around my health issues. I’m ridiculously busy and never seem to be home as often as I’d like due to numerous appointments on a constant basis. I can’t drive given that I actively seize, so it’s difficult and more than a little frustrating.

imageSince no one will hire a person who could drop to the floor with a seizure, I’ve been still doing pattern work- just behind the scenes (though I recently released a free shawl design on Valhalla Knits Facebook) and I’ve begun collecting chickens to start small farming. Chickens are freaking amazing. Seriously. I have cats, chickens, and a duck and I swear they are the best therapy one can get. Blogging, too- so this blogger is back!πŸ˜†