A summer sale and piracy blows

KnitKnots is having a late summer sale. Get 25% off ANY patterns or ebooks on Ravelry! Just use code “JustSitandKnit” at checkout and it will be applied to your order.


Good until 8/5 8a EST. Designs in testing are not valid.

I do still have THREE test spots for the Blue Fairy shawl and a handful for Éowyn and Sea Siren. Details can be found in this post from yesterday,

Now a word of warning: if you sell knitting or crochet patterns on RavelryEtsy or elsewhere on the internet, then check the ‘magazine’ thread at this forum: ChCrossStitch for your designs. I am not really sure yet what can be done, but this is clearly copyright violation and that folks, is illegal. Unfortunately the website is based in China or that is a WhoIs mask as the host could be trying to conceal their information. I haven’t looked long enough to know if any of my patterns are on this website but I have seen many of my friends work on it and it infuriates me!

If you know what actions can be taken, please let me know. I know there is buzz about the piracy on Ravelry, I am unsure of any other sites though.




Introducing Seafoam! Swishing about in the seaweed in Neverland’s Mermaid Lagoon, colorful merfolk frolic and splash about in the sunshine. It’s summer, it’s hot and I miss Once Upon a Time during it’s off season!


Thus, the idea for a mer-inspired shrug with open lacework was born. Seafoam is truly light as air and knits up on large needles for a fast project. A great garment for instant gratification and mermaid lovers everywhere. From infant to adults!

You’ll need:
ѻ 100-350 yards of DK to light worsted weight yarn
ѻ needles; sizes US 6 & 10-10½ & hook; US G
ѻ yarn needle


Watch in late August for a coordinating tank top design!

Autumn 2012 Semi Solids: Reds and Grays


Quite subtly toned deep gray with a fair amount of hue variation.


Almost a true solid, this deeply saturated apple red is a staple color.


Tonal grays with hints of pinks and black, purrrfectly girly.


Deep reds and hints of saturated black and deeper red make this semi a yarn to die for.


In honor of my favorite author JK Rowling, this deep, dark red has hints of black and burgundy throughout. Truly reminiscent of the house color.

Need some of my handdyed yarns? Leave a comment with your email in the form and I will take your custom order.

Summer 2011 Colorways & Semi Solids (part 2)

New semis and colorways are ready to go live for our Farmer’s Market stocking tomorrow at 2pm EST. Here’s a little rundown on what you’ll find new @ KK…


Lemon-Lime-Aid is a crisp, fun favorite of mine. A bit tangy, this colorway reflects hues of bright to paler sunshine yellow, deep to lime green and bits of white throughout.

Melon Patch

Melon Patch is a scrumptious colorway featuring the melon-y hues of melon pink, peach, leaf green, browns: deep to khaki.

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is a soft tan to medium brown, speckle dyed in hues of peach and sunshine yellow with hints of buttercream.

And the semis…


Sugar has a smooth buttercream base with speckles of tan, light brown, peach and sunshine yellow. Loaded with color variation.


Peaches is a lovely peach toned yarn with melon pink hues, slight color variation.

Well, that’s it for our Summer 2011 releases. Next up with be our Fall 2011 semis and colorways, which will begin to stock in September. Happy Knitting!

Summer 2011 Semi Solids (part 1)

I am beginning the summer with many cool, blue hues this year as well as a few wildcards. My semi solids coordinate with many of my colorways, so if you are ever in need of a striping set, just contact me to find out which ones are a match! Today is our Summer Celebration stocking which will debut SIX brand new semi solids. All semi solids are available at any time through preorder, but from time to time I will stock semi/colorway sets (like today!). Be sure to check it out, new items stock at 2pm EST. 🙂

Now for the goodies…


Brambles has browns and olive with slight color variation.


Sunspeckled is a variety of yellow tones with peach and orange flashes, moderate color variation.


Island is a variety of teal tones with blue flashes, moderate color variation.


Skies is a variety of light blues and small flashes of almost white with slight color variation.


Waves is medium (sea) blue toned with slight color variation.

Hello, sailor!

Hello, sailor! is a navy hued semi solid with slight color variations to gun metal grey.

Now stay tuned ya’ll, because I have LOTS more dyed fiber to come. The Farmer’s Market stocking is coming soon with delicious colorways and succulent semis! ;D

Summer 2011 Colorways (part 1)

Are you ready for a fiber overload? I have lots of yarn ready to go! Our Summer Celebration stocking is on July 11th and I have previews up for some of our summer colors! This post will introduce you to our latest dyed offerings…


Hydrangea is sweet and feminine without being over the top girly. Elegant enough for a lady and blue enough tomboy. My in-laws hydrangea bush was the inspiration for this colorway. They have the most gorgeous flower bunches in multiple colors of pink, violet and blue.

Colors used are deep green, pink, violet, lavender, light and deeper blue with bits of natural.

Gator Babe

Gator Babe is a colorway featuring warm deep brown, sky blue, natural and a slight blueish green. This colorway was designed to match a Gymboree line because I wanted my baby to be stylin’!

Port City Nights

Port City Nights is a vivid and unusual rainbow colorway. It is completely gender neutral and totally scrumptious! This colorway is the first of many to represent how my local scenery appears to me.

Colors include deep red, orange, yellow, green, chartreuse, navy and gun metal grey.


Bean is a colorway featuring pink, sky blue, pale yellow, peach, apple green, violet and hints of white. (Yarn may not have as much white as the fiber.) My seven year old daughter Ella’s nickname is Bean. This colorway is named for her since she designed it herself!

The Blues

The Blues is exactly how it sounds- bluesy! Inspired by my love for all things jazz and blues. I have begun a new technique of speckle dyeing over semi solids and I just LOVE the results!

Speckle dyed blues of all hues- from palest blue to sea blue to navy to gun metal- on a light blue semi solid base.

Sparkle, Cupcake!

Sparkle, Cupcake is super duper sugary sweet and was designed with a white cake/pink frosting cupcake with SPRINKLES! Satisfy your yarny sweet tooth working up this pink semi solid speckle dyed with bits of natural, green, blue, pink, teal, violet and yellow.

I’m also introducing many new semi solids in the Summer Celebration stocking and will make a post featuring them soon. Oh and a little secret- there are MORE Summer 2011 colorways and semis in the works that will debut very soon!

Sunny Days and Sushi Madness

Sushi Madness
Sound like some yummy fun? It is if you like yarn! *giggle*

Sunny Days
So I’m happy to announce that I’m FINALLY ready to release the Sunny Days romper pattern and my little sushi roll and matcha pattern, Sushi Madness! You’ll be able to find these patterns at Ravelry and the KnitKnots Hyenacart, until I get them listed elsewhere. They’re already ready to roll @ Rav and I’ll have them both (plus a WAHM version of Sunny Days SALE!) stocking mid-day tomorrow on Hyenacart. I’m throwing a tiny release bash and have lottos up for FREE copies of the Sunny Days and Sweet Babies patterns up for grabs. Be sure to drop by to check it out!

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Easter Eggs

Resurrecting my pattern for crocheted Easter eggs. Since I shut down Sh0tgun.net and began this new blog, I’ve been contacted by a few folks regarding writing many of my patterns in books for sale. This egg pattern as well as a few others will still remain in the blogoshpere, free for all to use.

*Note- You are allowed to make items from my patterns for non-profit or charity use ONLY. Contact me for licensing if you’d like to sell products from my patterns.*

Easter Eggs

These cute and super easy crochet eggs are extremely fast to make. In no time you can whip up a dozen of these babies and make a fun, educational toy for your kid or pet! Make cute, multi colored Easter eggs with variegated or non-traditional egg colors. You can use light weight yarn and a small hook to make bird eggs. You can make farm eggs with light solids or even embellish solid colored eggs for other holidays or occasions, the possibilities are endless!

This pattern is rated E for Easy. Since this is an Amigurumi pattern, you don’t need to make chains at each round start point. In order to keep your place in your work I suggest using a stitch marker or safety pin. Only beginner stitches used: single crochet= sc, increase (sc 2 in 1 stitch)= inc, decrease (2 stitches sc’d together)= sc2tog

You’ll need:

  • Size G hook
  • Small amounts of worsted or bulky (for larger eggs) scrap yarn (multi or non-egg solid colors for Easter, solid white or pale tones for farm eggs)
  • Poly-Fill or other stuffing
  • Yarn/darning needle

Make a magic ring of 6 stitches.

One: Inc around (2 sc in each stitch) =12

Two: Inc around into every other stitch =18

Three: Inc around into every 2nd stitch =24

Four: Inc around into every 3rd stitch = 30

Five through Seven: Sc around in every stitch = 30

Eight: Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc around until there are 24 stitches

Nine through Ten: Sc around in every stitch = 24

Eleven: Sc2tog, sc, sc, sc2tog, sc, sc around until there are 18 stitches

Twelve: Sc around in every stitch =18

Stop at this point to stuff your egg. How tightly you want it stuffed is up to you. I try not to overstuff as the stuffing then shows through the sticthes somewhat easily and I’m picky about that sort of thing.

Thirteen: Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc around until there are 12 stitches

Fourteen: Sc2tog around until 6 stitches remain


Poke a small amount of stuffing in the very top and use a stuffing stick/tool to poke it in the egg well. Thread the yarn end with yarn needle and bring yarn through the last stitch and then the other 5 stitches and cinch closed. Weave in end a bit and pull it through to the other side of the egg. Pull on the yarn end a bit and snip. Viola, you have made an egg!