Sea Siren

Drifting along the seaweed shadows of the deep, a little mermaid desires the sandy shores of her prince. Bobbing among the waves she watches and yearns to be human…

Ariel has always been one of my very favorite mermaids. I would like to make a hopeful prediction that on the next season of Once Upon a Time we see the redheaded sea siren make a debut!

A lightweight tank made top down in stockinette then worked in large, lacy waves to the hem. Choose from cropped or full length. Your choice of plain or lacy hem. To coordinate with the Seafoam shrug.

Sizing runs as followed:  Chest; Newborn 15″ to 11/12y 30″

You’ll need:
≈ Size Nb, 3-6m, 9m, 12-18m, 24m, 3y, 4y, 5y:
Approximately 110/135/175/205 (220/240/265/330) yards of
sport weight yarn.
≈ Size 6y, 7/8y, 9/10y, 11/12y:
Approximately 350/370/415/460 yards of sportweight yarn.
≈ US size 4 & 7 circular knitting needles
≈ 4 st markers


On the needles

I finished a test knit last week of Monika Sirna‘s Cabernet shrug design. She plans to rename it but no idea what the new name will be yet. 🙂

I have quite a lot I need to have finished this week! Back to school rush gets me every time. This week my goals are to have: Roseberry test knit which I am 75% done now (or Cabernet shrug for me, waiting on how I should order them!), Sea Siren tank (45% done) for Ella and I have about 15% more to get into on the Lemonade Stand top to help give the designer measurements. SO. A lot. 🙂

I have two more new tests I asked to take part in before I cut myself off of test knitting for others for the rest of the year (there are always exceptions from time to time if I can gift an item) but I normally make a sizeable list and plow through 80% of it. Which seems pretty good to me because I have TOO MANY KIDS. Anyway, those tests are the Kapuzin hoodie and Brook. I started the hood of the Kapuzin and after a tricky start, put the middle bit of hood on a DPN (the rest of the sts were on circular needles) since my long size 6’s are currently sitting in a sweater. It split it up nicely and I was able to maneuver it better the farther I knit. Today’s goal is to finish the hood.

I’m not sure on the yarn I want to use for Brook. I have some pastels and a bit of grey sport yarn that will work as the accent color. If I make Alma a tee, I shouldn’t need much. I will start it late next week possibly.

In KnitKnots design news I have enough testers for Sea Siren to publish if all goes well on the planned date of August 20th! Eowyn is FULL and now seems to be going smoothly. I have a new sketch of the Blue Fairy shawl that I think better represents the actual design:

Testing for it is still open and I will take TWO more testers, I am really pleased with how quickly my test spots have been filling up, and for that I thank you! Upcoming tests for September include Rue, Henry, Lyra, a fun skirt pattern as well as a secret surprise! If these interest you, please join the Ravelry group or the test forum to express interest.

A summer sale and piracy blows

KnitKnots is having a late summer sale. Get 25% off ANY patterns or ebooks on Ravelry! Just use code “JustSitandKnit” at checkout and it will be applied to your order.


Good until 8/5 8a EST. Designs in testing are not valid.

I do still have THREE test spots for the Blue Fairy shawl and a handful for Éowyn and Sea Siren. Details can be found in this post from yesterday,

Now a word of warning: if you sell knitting or crochet patterns on RavelryEtsy or elsewhere on the internet, then check the ‘magazine’ thread at this forum: ChCrossStitch for your designs. I am not really sure yet what can be done, but this is clearly copyright violation and that folks, is illegal. Unfortunately the website is based in China or that is a WhoIs mask as the host could be trying to conceal their information. I haven’t looked long enough to know if any of my patterns are on this website but I have seen many of my friends work on it and it infuriates me!

If you know what actions can be taken, please let me know. I know there is buzz about the piracy on Ravelry, I am unsure of any other sites though.