A summer sale and piracy blows

KnitKnots is having a late summer sale. Get 25% off ANY patterns or ebooks on Ravelry! Just use code “JustSitandKnit” at checkout and it will be applied to your order.


Good until 8/5 8a EST. Designs in testing are not valid.

I do still have THREE test spots for the Blue Fairy shawl and a handful for Éowyn and Sea Siren. Details can be found in this post from yesterday,

Now a word of warning: if you sell knitting or crochet patterns on RavelryEtsy or elsewhere on the internet, then check the ‘magazine’ thread at this forum: ChCrossStitch for your designs. I am not really sure yet what can be done, but this is clearly copyright violation and that folks, is illegal. Unfortunately the website is based in China or that is a WhoIs mask as the host could be trying to conceal their information. I haven’t looked long enough to know if any of my patterns are on this website but I have seen many of my friends work on it and it infuriates me!

If you know what actions can be taken, please let me know. I know there is buzz about the piracy on Ravelry, I am unsure of any other sites though.


Sweet Babies Updated


I have greatly enhanced the pattern to include:

  • better graft instructions, better links and tutorials
  • better layout (numbered pages and new branding)
  • general pattern cleanup (Sweet Babies is one of the first patterns I ever wrote up!)
  • 6 different nature inspired cables found in my various designs and how to place them; per size
  • how to add feet to the 2 smaller sizes (NB/SM)
  • how to add a button down tab for newborns
  • more pictures! 🙂

The 6 cables are-

  1. The Twist
  2. The Braid
  3. The Owl
  4. The Wheatear
  5. The Antler
  6. The Air

I’m SO excited to see what everyone comes up with!

KnitKnots also has new branding with catchy little bird mascots; Chubby the crow and Moony the Moon Phoenix! The blog has been made over and there is now a testing forum!

Cloth Baby Layette news

I have been SO busy with the book release this week, marketing and getting ready things ready for April 30th when Cloth Baby Layette comes out of beta! First I want to thank everyone for the great response, I never thought the book would be such a hit so soon!

When Cloth Baby Layette comes out of beta next Friday I will be splitting up the patterns for individual sale on Ravelry and for my Hyenacart. Also the e book will become available at Pulling at Strings. A few things to look forward to!

I’ve also created a fan page on Facebook as well as a Ravelry group. Any pattern questions can be addressed in the group forums there as well as messaging me.